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Hosier Waste & Recycling is one of the few waste collectors in London to offer a full recycling service for all biodegradable waste, in particular food waste. 

Hosier is dedicated to meeting our customer’s demands and provides a once daily and twice daily collection.  Hosier will supply bags as well as a dedicated bin service.

If you decide to use this, we will simply take away your full bins and replace them with the same number of clean sanitised bins. Bags can be pre-ordered on-line or by telephone and distributed to our customers within 24 hours.  

This means there is never any delay in servicing our customers requirements and ensuring no problems with food waste remaining in either the bins rotting or with un collected bags building up, which could cause odour problems (particularly in the summer months) and would encourage flies and other pest hazards etc. Hosier have a 100% success rate with daily collections and have maintained the same clients for over 12 years.

The majority of the clients we service in central London prefer the daily bag collection service.  Hosier will supply bags for Biodegradable food waste. The benefits from this service are that less energy is used reflecting in added benefits for our Environment.

The energy released is then used to enhance other environmental issues.