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Once food has been segregated, it can be properly collected and removed from the premises within a short space of time by Hosier Bio Waste Collection Services.


Hosier Waste & Recycling is one of the few waste collectors in London to offer a full recycling service for all biodegradable waste, in particular food waste. 

Hosier is dedicated to meeting our customer’s demands and provides a once daily and twice daily collection.  Hosier will supply bags as well as a dedicated bin service.

If you decide to use this, we will simply take away your full bins and replace them with the same number of clean sanitised bins. Bags can be pre-ordered on-line or by telephone and distributed to our customers within 24 hours.  

This means there is never any delay in servicing our customers requirements and ensuring no problems with food waste remaining in either the bins rotting or with un collected bags building up, which could cause odour problems (particularly in the summer months) and would encourage flies and other pest hazards etc. Hosier have a 100% success rate with daily collections and have maintained the same clients for over 12 years.

The majority of the clients we service in central London prefer the daily bag collection service.  Hosier will supply bags for Biodegradable food waste. The benefits from this service are that less energy is used reflecting in added benefits for our Environment.

The energy released is then used to enhance other environmental issues.

Zero to Landfill with HosierHOSIER                   ZERO TO LANDFILL         Click here to make contact

Food waste arrives at the plant in bulk loads.
It is off loaded into an airlock to ensure the external environment is protected when the waste enters the storage silo.
The waste is then pulverised and then transferred by conveyor to the initial treatment vessel.
From here it goes through the various treatment phases within the tank farm.
All Organic materials once pasteurised are sampled and tested.
The final treatment process is to transfer the now treated waste to a filter press.

This produces a liquid fertiliser product, which is now ready to be used by farmers as a substitute to conventional PETRO-chemical fertiliser and at this stage the product is either used as fertiliser for farms or fuel for AD plants to produce gas/electricity.

What are some of the Environmental Benefits when using                                                     Hosier Biodegradable waste Collection service?

The facility uses the “ATAD” process (Auto thermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion). 

This process composts food waste in liquid form, by injecting air into the treatment vessel,

The  bacteria respire aerobically. This process rapidly generates heat thereby pasteurizing the material at 70c.

External heat is not required saving further energy.

The material is then used by Anaerobic Digestion plants to make methane and generate electricity or when the farmers require a fertiliser the product is injected into the soil.  


Waste diverted from landfill.  According to DEFRA this represents between 0.5 and 1 tonne of Carbon Dioxide for every one tonne of food waste digested.


Our output is used by AD plants instead of maize, which is grown as an energy crop.
Thereby allowing these crops to be consumed as food.

Kitchen waste

Tea bags, coffee grounds 

Catering waste

Coffee stirrers (wooden)


Category 3 ABP waste

Butchery waste

Organic residue

Dairy waste

Hatchery waste, including egg shells

Fruit / vegetable waste

Out-of-date stock (foods & beverages) (Prices on application subject to trial load)
contaminated foods

Supermarket “passed shelf life” food products (Prices on application subject to trial load)

If a customer has products with compostable packaging’s please confirm what type of compostable packaging you are using or planning to use.

For further information click here Hosier Waste & Recycling Management and Consultancy

Hosier also provide Clients with the following                                                            

240 litre bins – 1100 litre bins

Daily collections of general waste


Other Service


Wait and load 3.5 tonne – 15 tonne


Office clearances


Builder waste


One item collection – Office & commercial